Wednesday, January 5, 2011

numbers and shit.

i was talking to this girl the other day about people and their whole "new year, new me, new blah blah blahssssss" and i was like what makes the new year so different than any other new month? like what is the difference between may 31st and june 1st? at first i thought there was no real differentiation, then i thought about because i`ve said "in 2011.........." i told her that i was going to renege on my statement because i look at the clock at 12:52 AM everyday. it doesn`t matter where i am. i will look at a clock on a tv, watch, cell phone, anything that tells time but i do it subconsciously, i never think about it. i told her that our bodies and mind most likely realize that the 365/366 has been completed therefor knowing a new restoration period has come. i don`t know it sounded good to me. i just feel like if you are not going to improve or try to improve then don`t make all these powerful/cliche new year statements. time is just weird to me, like somebody delegated times, calenders, and days of the week sooooooooooooooo long ago, the shit is man made. yall do remember when george w. bush changed day light savings time right, and a few presidents before him did too. it was to save energy so i heard but the point is it was changed. i bet in the new 100 years the world will be flat again. i don`t know if any of that made sense.

i s t i m e o n y o u r s i d e ?


  • i`m still living in north carolina [ moving to new york in august THANK GOD ]
  • i have two jobs.
  • i`m still in graduate school
  • i`m single
  • i still damn near hate everybody
  • i got a bunch of power moves underway

i dont ever write on here.

i guess i could start blogging on here again. i have a tumblr now, [ ] so i usually blog there. its easier, you can get a whole blog summed up in one picture, sentence, or quote. i guess i`m back.
h e l l o.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

on the inside.

i`m proud to say that my understanding of myself is unclear. i suprise myself everyday with new things, new boundaries and all that other stuff. i get annoyed by people that think they have it all figured out because that`s seriously impossible.

what do you see when you look at yourself?

i d o n t k n o w.

the beautiful one.

in my head we`re perfect, in reality we are cold weather in bermuda. i love you.

tweets worth blogging.

#tweetoftheday RT @fortROX "The worst way to love someone is to sit next to them, knowing they don’t love you back."


in my "dreams and the creative imagination " class we took the MBTI - for more insight visit here [wiki will have to do] ---> i`m going to give you me in Laymen`s Terms. I scored an ENTP

my dominant trait is intuition - " i prefer to trust information that is more abstract or theoretical, that can be associated with other information (either remembered or discovered by seeking a wider context or pattern). They may be more interested in future possibilities. They tend to trust those flashes of insight that seem to bubble up from the unconscious mind. The meaning is in how the data relates to the pattern or theory. "

i am

  • creative, imaginative and clever

  • theoretical, conceptual, and curious

others may see me as

  • independent, autonomous, and creative

  • lively, enthusiastic, energetic

  • assertive and outspoken

i am good at

  • communicating w/ enthusiasm and inspiring others to buy my ideas

  • seeing unique ways of problem solving

  • public speaking and leading meetings

  • working w/ diverse groups of people

  • detecting flaws in logic and debating issues w/ conviction

i need to watch my tendency to

  • start projects and not finishing them

  • overlook essential facts and details

  • talk over people when i anticipate what they will say

  • be irresponsible w/ deadlines and commitment

  • make promises i cant keep

i need to continue sharing possible solutions and demonstrating resourcefulness, start showing more collaborations and balancing critical comments w/ appreciative observations, and stop being competitive in most things and overextending myself.

t h i s i s s o m e.